Daakiyaa is a last-mile marketing and logistics company bringing doorstep brand experience and enabling e-tail market penetration. Daakiyaa is here to further boost the burgeoning e-tailing market and setting a benchmark in customer gratification by creating unique experiences across various levels in customer fulfillment, engagement & retention. 

For many past generations ‘Daakiya, the Postman’ held the promise of ‘delivery’ along with ‘a deep emotional connect’. He was the bearer of news both good & bad,

connected loved ones across geographies carrying letter & money orders, he was even the official transcriptionist for many families who couldn’t read or write. In short, he was the epitome of customer service in an era when the term wasn’t even coined.

Daakiyaa is committed to bring back the legacy of the ‘Daakiya, the Postman’ and share it with the newer generation. We aim to recreate the experience of delivering the client’s goods with a personal touch providing best-in-class doorstep Brand Experience